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Please note that we are a professional arcade furniture manufacturer. We buy our game boards from a 3rd party software company. 99% of the games will work identical to the original, however some of the games represented on these boards are not compatible with the current joystick and button configuration. We have not played all 1162 games in their original arcade version and we are not sure if any other games have incompatibility issues. If you are concerned about a specific game please ask and/or check the game list. Some games may be considered for Mature audiences.  Please be sure you review the game list closely.  If you have any questions please contact us prior to purchasing.  If you wish to remove any games prior to receiving your unit please let us know via email and reference your order number.  By purchasing our games you are agreeing that you understand not every game may function properly because of the aforementioned issue and you are acknowledging that you have investigated the game lists to ensure they are appropriate for your users.   By placing your order you agree to the above terms and conditions.